João Guerra

Computer science engineer
Manager, technologist, architect, developer, operator, tester… engineering in all its individual acts.


Puzzle solver
Can’t resist finding the solution for a good challenge.


Passionate husband. Blessed father.
Love is simple.


Runner at heart.
Feeling alive and into the void.


This is the personal blog where I write about my quest to embrace the void, a place free of space, a time without its regular continuum, an emptiness full of bliss where mind and body achieve a harmonious symbiosis. I often visit the void when I run, mind filled with a natural joy, consciousness drifting into a natural unknown, where life is loaded with purpose and the world is transparent in an absolutely tangible manner.

In this journal you’ll find explorations I do in this quest, from obvious running experiences to mind wandering thoughts put into words, seeking to describe the unexplainable. Common subjects are running, amazing people, pure happiness and crazy adventures.

I write about important things in my life, which hopefully you’ll find of interest.

I write to share, to inspire and to challenge.

I write to you.