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You can’t always get what you want… and the good side of it

The day was born as a race day. Martinslauf 2015 has been an event I’ve joined ever since I came to Düsseldorf and today would be no exception. The day didn’t feel like race day however. The demons? They were many: Business travel the whole week in Dublin, joining the Web Summit 2015 tech conference and keeping up with work at the same time… Read more →

An example of determination

In the past years I’ve had the opportunity of participating in B2Run, a company run taking place in several major cities in Germany. This year I made it to the 5 fastest athletes of the Vodafone Runners community, which won the team run in Düsseldorf on June 23rd! This basically meant that we were invited to participate in the B2Run Final in Berlin this month, to… Read more →

Friends at the Martinslauf 2014 finish

My debut as a pacemaker

The morning today was spent at the Martinslauf 2014 race with a group of friends and good weather. The Martinslauf (St. Martin’s race) is one of those special races in the calendar year, as since I moved into Germany I haven’t lost a single edition. It slowly starts feeling like a tradition… For November in Germany, an aprox. temperature of 10ºC and a… Read more →

Douro Ultra Trail 2014

When I fell in love with trail running I immediately understood that the delight of it was joining the exquisite running experience with the sense of exploration and adventure that the new brings into anyone’s life. How many times have you felt that the world that surrounds you is getting small? If you’re a runner like me you’ve likely felt already that you… Read more →