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Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail or why to run more than 100 km

Austria is a trail paradise for any ultra runner. People all over Europe and the world seek the location during summer to enjoy beautiful hiking paths, high mountain experiences and the perfection of being immersed into pristine nature. The Zugspitz Ultra Trail last year offered us the possibility to stay in this neighbouring country and delighted us with its offerings. On winter… Read more →

Getting out of a black hole

This will be the second vertical kilometer in the whole race. I’ve known since the beginning that this would be coming and have been preparing myself mentally to surpass the challenge. I’m now at km 46 of the Zugspitz Ultra Trail and ahead of me is a humongous wall. The first, done at the start of the race, was surpassed with… Read more →

Zugspitz Ultra Trail: a jubilant weekend in the mountain

The second big race of the year came in the form of a challenge by #TheCrazyOnes tribe. That is to say, my dear friends Stefan Christoph and Cook it Fit blogger Cris. Following our joint adventure in the Madeira Island Ultra Trail, Stefan and Cris wanted to relive an experience where sport and friendship get seamlessly together. As we’re running together one day, Stefan… Read more →

Pure bliss in the Eiger Ultra Trail!

I love running. I love the mountains. Trail running combines both and has become a passion my heart and mind lingers for… Düsseldorf is currently my home base and is unfortunately pretty flat. It just doesn’t offer a lot of possibilities to satiate the calling for the sport. There’s wonderful forests around, a million trails to be explored, some elevation… Read more →

Estrela Grande Trail in mainland Portugal highest mountain

This year I’ve challenged myself again to continue doing epic sh!t.  To pursue dreams. To follow the heart. To explore new ways of reaching the void. To seek my inner confidence, that driving force that makes us move forward and reach beyond our present self. When I decided to participate in this year’s Eiger Ultra Trail edition, my coach Paulo Pires poked me to… Read more →