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Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail or why to run more than 100 km

Austria is a trail paradise for any ultra runner. People all over Europe and the world seek the location during summer to enjoy beautiful hiking paths, high mountain experiences and the perfection of being immersed into pristine nature. The Zugspitz Ultra Trail last year offered us the possibility to stay in this neighbouring country and delighted us with its offerings. On winter… Read more →

Epic challenges and finding my ultra distance coach

When I fell in love with trail running I knew the feelings and emotions which sparked then wouldn’t stop there. How many times have you felt that you wanted to stretch your wings and follow your dreams? How often have you felt a joy so strong that you inevitably aspired to grasp that happiness again? I’ve been fortunate enough to experience my passion for… Read more →

Ultra running and the void

A few years ago planning a half-marathon was an idea that struck me as a humongous task to accomplish. It required months of dedication, lots of planning, commitment towards a training plan and lengthy long runs which felt at times like can I really do this? The sense of achievement on reaching such a distance was however worth all the efforts. No… Read more →