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A great year in review

The end of the year brings an inevitable desire for reflection, introspection, for looking back to assess the good moments, the not-so-good moments, the direction to take next year and the improvements to do to on ourselves and on the relationships we have with the ones we love. Athletes receive year on year countless reminders of the numbers that make… Read more →

Training self-supported in unofficial Wupperbergemarathon

It’s Tuesday afternoon. The weather is nice in Düsseldorf. Sunny. Relatively warm. Blue sky. Just perfect for my bike commute as I’m about to leave the office to head home. I grab my mobile phone to check for any personal messages before hitting the road. An online post calls my attention: a mountain marathon in Solingen, the Wupperberge(trail)marathon. Just around the corner… Read more →

Stay strong and push your limits

February has been a fabulous month with some tough training in it… I have a quite pragmatic approach to my commitments. Some like to call it stubbornness, I prefer to call it determination. Now that I found my ultra distance coach, I feel much more compelled to train according to plan, rather than running only when the feeling is right. Looking at how the month… Read more →

Epic challenges and finding my ultra distance coach

When I fell in love with trail running I knew the feelings and emotions which sparked then wouldn’t stop there. How many times have you felt that you wanted to stretch your wings and follow your dreams? How often have you felt a joy so strong that you inevitably aspired to grasp that happiness again? I’ve been fortunate enough to experience my passion for… Read more →

Running smiles and happy faces

The running community around me keeps positively growing 😀 Colleagues at work join our lunch break runs more often, colleagues become friends, more friends join runs on weekdays or weekends, small family members start joining a few sessions… the numbers just keep growing. I ask myself the question what is it about? Is it really about the numbers? Is it about… Read more →

“The Grind” motivational video

I come across a motivational video a few months back which captured my immediate attention. The video is all about passing a powerful message about sport, the reason you go for it and why your motivation should keep strong to face the challenges you put yourself up to. The spot has been produced by Red Productions for the TCU Baseball team and published in… Read more →