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Introducing Escalator Runs (or how to introduce stairs in your urban runs)

One of the big challenges this year will be the Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT), an amazing race integrated in the Ultra Trail World Tour. I’ll be participating in the Ultra course, 85 km of extreme beauty and delicate nature dazzling the senses through fascinating mountains, overall accumulating 4700 m of positive elevation. As the organisation describes it: «Imagine an island planted… Read more →

Meeting “The Squirrel’s Hour” folks

I’ve been following The Squirrel’s Hour and the Monsanto Running Team for quite a while now, in hopes that one of my visits to Lisbon would cross such communities. Being passionate about trail running, it only made sense to meet those that title themselves as mad for trail running. These folks run every day at Monsanto Forest Park, the green heart of Lisbon, between 6… Read more →

The story how I became a runner

I’ve always loved sport! In early school days, no matter the discipline, interacting and playing would lighten up any day. During youth I’ve been very lucky my parents always fostered physical activities: gymnastics, judo, roller hockey, handball… the list goes on especially when considering informal gatherings with friends: soccer, cycling, basketball, … Running in a more strict sense came along… Read more →