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A great year in review

The end of the year brings an inevitable desire for reflection, introspection, for looking back to assess the good moments, the not-so-good moments, the direction to take next year and the improvements to do to on ourselves and on the relationships we have with the ones we love. Athletes receive year on year countless reminders of the numbers that make… Read more →

Pure bliss in the Eiger Ultra Trail!

I love running. I love the mountains. Trail running combines both and has become a passion my heart and mind lingers for… Düsseldorf is currently my home base and is unfortunately pretty flat. It just doesn’t offer a lot of possibilities to satiate the calling for the sport. There’s wonderful forests around, a million trails to be explored, some elevation… Read more →

Stay strong and push your limits

February has been a fabulous month with some tough training in it… I have a quite pragmatic approach to my commitments. Some like to call it stubbornness, I prefer to call it determination. Now that I found my ultra distance coach, I feel much more compelled to train according to plan, rather than running only when the feeling is right. Looking at how the month… Read more →

A perfect run

The alarm clock went off at 5:30 AM…. on a Sunday…. My brain awakes as in any other day, numb, craving for bed after a bad night’s sleep. I get up and start the usual routine, like a week day, until I realise that there won’t be any work today. Gear is waiting for me in the living room and a… Read more →

Ultra running and the void

A few years ago planning a half-marathon was an idea that struck me as a humongous task to accomplish. It required months of dedication, lots of planning, commitment towards a training plan and lengthy long runs which felt at times like can I really do this? The sense of achievement on reaching such a distance was however worth all the efforts. No… Read more →