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A Grand Canyon adventure

The last time I’ve been to Las Vegas was… well… a long time ago… Flew for business reasons, to attend the Re:Invent technology conference from Amazon Web Services (AWS) which has grown from the a family sized event to a worldwide phenomenon nowadays. The year was 2013… the passion for trail running was only a small seed in my heart… Read more →

Introducing Escalator Runs (or how to introduce stairs in your urban runs)

One of the big challenges this year will be the Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT), an amazing race integrated in the Ultra Trail World Tour. I’ll be participating in the Ultra course, 85 km of extreme beauty and delicate nature dazzling the senses through fascinating mountains, overall accumulating 4700 m of positive elevation. As the organisation describes it: «Imagine an island planted… Read more →

Training self-supported in unofficial Wupperbergemarathon

It’s Tuesday afternoon. The weather is nice in Düsseldorf. Sunny. Relatively warm. Blue sky. Just perfect for my bike commute as I’m about to leave the office to head home. I grab my mobile phone to check for any personal messages before hitting the road. An online post calls my attention: a mountain marathon in Solingen, the Wupperberge(trail)marathon. Just around the corner… Read more →

Visiting Monchique with the community

Visiting the Via Algarviana during summer is becoming a tradition. It had been done not only once but actually twice already, hence it made only sense to plan another visit to Monchique, not by car but by the lovely trails Algarve has to offer. This time around I’ve decided to invite the community and see if anyone would be interested to join the quest. 🙂 The following is a… Read more →

The marks of a great event

The Düsseldorf Marathon is taking place this weekend and the running community is electrified with it! The race is the city’s event for the famous distance, where athletes shoot for the long length or organise themselves in teams of 4 for the relay competition. A kids race gives children the opportunity to participate as well. The event brings elite contenders, amateurs, enthusiasts and… Read more →