How this blog started

In 2009 I attended the 11th edition of the Reboot, the conference had a sound tagline: action!

It said «it’s time to act, time to focus on the act of acting, time to figure out where to begin the reboot».

On its opening keynote, Matt Web gave us an extraordinary talk and presented his 100 hour challenge, defying the audience into starting to learn something new, to tap into new tools and grasp into their own special hidden skills.

Ever since then I’ve challenged myself to get more exposed, to try new things and to take additional risks by experiencing the unexplored. A few ups and downs in between have made me come to the conclusion that life is precious and time flows really fast. My focus should shift once more into the human, intimate and sharing moments I always loved.

For a few years now I wanted to have an online presence, a unique place summarising who I am, what I do but mostly a platform for sharing special experiences.

I’ve lived moments of great fun lately, particularly while nurturing my passion for running. On this blog you’ll find pivotal adventures I experienced along the way. Even though I started running in 2003, this now feels like a new start.

Life is ran in iterations: we learn, build, measure, enhance, adapt and evolve.

So will this space…

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