Running the void: a new name for the blog

Ever since I started writing this blog that there has been a background thinking about what could be a nice name for it. Should it be linked to running? Should it be about to happiness? Should it be a personal space for everything me? On a specific or on all different subjects of life?

A couple of weeks ago, on a warm evening in Düsseldorf, I sat with my good friend Cord Oliver Molthan. Coach by nature, facilitator on a day to day basis, he has an amazing and interesting way of being able to read people, their line of thought, their qualms, their desires… He translates into words what is sometimes unexplainable, feelings which cannot be grasped, thoughts which haven’t truly materialised yet. I find it fascinating to have conversations with him, as his curiosity takes us always through a journey of intriguing questions, leading to the most varied discoveries, on the most diverse topics.

The night was young, the restaurant terrace calling out for a refreshing drink, our talk flowing like cherries, one tangling on the next, making it difficult to stop. A glass of wine. Sparkling water. Talking about life. Exploring new challenges. Ultimately talking about running and my quest for the void.

I fell in love with ultra running and to this day one of the most read articles in the blog is about ultra running and the void. The void intrigued Oliver. We spent a good deal of time talking about it. What is the void? How does one search for it? How to attain it?

Running the void

Running the void

In his own words Oliver wrote a fantastic article in his blog, absolutely worth reading, for it explores the void’s many facets, wonders about its root, decouples it from running and delves into the mystery on how anyone could tap into it.

«Void: time has melted into space. Space is opening up to be energy. Physical sensations are multiplying in order to intensify one feeling. Pain has found its place at the periphery of consciousness. Shapes become colors become part of you. Void is rich and feels like just being there to be enjoyed. Trying to grasp it will make it escape. Like fingers catching fog.»

is a central element of this blog. It ultimately represents that sublime feeling which I linger for…

Running is something I cannot escape from, for it is engraved in my biology, it is part of my being, it is interwoven with my soul…

Running the void is the natural proclamation of my expression, which I’ll continue exploring in a timeless and never-ending crusade.

Wanna join the quest with me? 😉

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